Women’s Only Program

Women can benefit greatly from training with other women.

In the not so distant past, women used to go from gym to gym looking for other women who wanted to train. Having a women only class is the best way to bypass this problem. Once you have been properly introduced to the community of women, you can be more comfortable training in the coed classes at your own pace. Or not at all. That’s up to you. Our women only classes hold the same high standards as all of our other classes. We spend a little more time communicating about specific concerns, and modify classes based on what is effective.

Competition is against women, not men.

Yes, the self defense aspect of BJJ applies to anyone. But only training with men can give an inaccurate picture of what you will deal with in competition. Having specific training sessions allows for collaboration and preparation for large scale goal setting.

One of our women’s only competition training sessions.