What does belt promotion entail?

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You will have to invest some time.

Every belt promotion takes years to achieve, and is not guaranteed. The belts in order are white, blue, purple, brown, black. Here, I don’t give stripes or require formal testing. In any school with a good lineage, a blue belt represents years of hard work, and purple on up are elite ranks. I look for certain markers and behaviors, but each individual represents these differently.

Nobody is guaranteed a promotion.

Every student should be focused on Jiu Jitsu as a process. Not going through motions hoping for an easy result. There are no seniority belts, and no “pretty good for ___ “. Specific challenges are discovered and overcome based on your experience. Then, a certain amount of time goes by to see if the changes are habit. Being promoted means representing that rank comfortably and permanently. Even a blue belt has a target on his back. People will test your skills at every rank. Not often maliciously, but out of curiosity about their own progress. Both the obvious and subtle differences between various ranks will be freely discussed as long as it doesn’t become a distraction from training.

You are part of the big picture as well.

If I give you a blue belt, or any other belt, you should feel comfortable going anywhere and representing your rank. You can travel, compete, or visit friend’s gyms with confidence. I am not here to develop a big fish in a small pond. For us to progress the fastest, we need to focus on our own improvement while helping those around us. The chances are 99.9% this is not a concern for you at this time. Be a white belt and enjoy the journey!