What can I expect when I come to class?

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Most classes are gi classes (the silly karate pajamas).
We have clean loaner gi at the facility until you get your own.
The atmosphere is purposely laid back, a few minutes are allowed to talk before class. The only formality is that everyone bows on and off the mat, and lines up by rank at the beginning of the warmup.

Class begins with a 15 to 20 minute warmup. The movements are probably going to be awkward at first. Everyone has been there, so don’t worry. It usually takes a couple weeks to get them down, and they will be similar every class. Then, I will show between one and three movements from a position, depending on the complexity. You will be given an explanation of where you’re going, and common pitfalls. The same lesson is covered all week, with ample drill time allowed to get appropriate repetition and understanding of objectives. You will be encouraged to ask questions, because the lesson will ideally be tested at full resistance later. Attention to detail and a healthy attention span will serve you best. The next hour or so is spent live rolling (sparring-no strikes). You can roll as much or as little as you like. Nobody is required to roll with anyone (we’re all adults here), but you will be encouraged to take appropriate challenges.

From 8-9 Mon-Thurs, we focus on the needs of competitors. Everyone is welcome to stay, we may drill, work from certain situations, or work out questions for specific problems.BIRU-WP-20151014T122804GMT-0500.jpg