Think Three Steps Ahead: A Blueprint

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Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is often compared to chess.

But why? The best players can see several moves ahead. You will get a general sense of direction early. But high level competitors seem to read your mind. Let’s look at three methods for growing this type of understanding.

Begin with losing.

Yup. Losing. You will find a position easiest from the losing end. Find this one place over and over again. Maybe side control. Pay attention to the problems you face, and do your best. First, you will be submitted. But you will learn what the threats are. Put one thing in the way. When it fails, put something else in the way. Ask for advice and learn the common responses. Once you are comfortable, learn how to escape. Make a note of your next position and begin learning your objectives from here. This is the slow path, but don’t try to skip it!

Now, think about how you got to this place.

Can you think three steps back? Any outcome can be changed, if you know what caused it. When you identify a crucial point, change it. Put your hand in the way. Also, try changing the angle or space between you. Finally, interrupt the timing with these tools. The right idea must be implemented in the right way.

The left hand grip is a crucial moment.

Be a copycat.

Don’t worry about image, be concerned with what works. When something works against you twice, try it on. You will either learn the counter, or add to your game. If you like it, learn the answer to the common counter. You can look up some very good studies on YouTube . BJJ scout,¬†GambleDub, and Bishop BJJ are some of my favorites. If you want to get the most of this resource, slow WAY down. Study for weeks and months, not minutes and hours. When we first discover the complexity of the game, it’s easy to overload our senses and not gain anything.

So many videos….

If you’re patient, anything is possible to learn. Remember to enjoy the process. When you find a problem now, it may serve you later.