Solving Problems with Obvious Answers

Posted on Posted in Jiujitsu Talk

Why say something obvious?

When we’re competing against a tough opponent, less can be more. Due to the complex nature of BJJ, we often overlook the best answers because they seem too easy. Over time, they can become important tools to apply to several different types of puzzles. These are a few of my favorite obvious answers that we can use every day.

Don’t let him do that.

He has grabbed your collar with his left hand three times, and it hasn’t ended well yet. When we recognize an obvious detrimental pattern, break it! There are several options depending on what’s happening.¬†We can put something in the way, make him miss the target, or just get out of the way. Now, we can do what we planned on. But first, don’t let him do that!

Set your grips and go.

This is also a lesson for life. If we watch him do what he wants first, we will always be a step behind. Before we ever step on the mat, we should have a good idea where to start. Take your best grips and throw your best game immediately! This way, winning or losing will be a valuable learning experience.

Get out of there.

It’s easy to fixate on a position when we feel that something is almost there. In all fairness, patience plays an important role in a well executed game. But when a little detail eats up too much time, moving to another position is the best option. So, get out of there!

Choke them on the neck.

We get excited and grab a guillotine or triangle, and just can’t seem to finish it. What’s going on? This is where maintaining the position pays off. If we stay calm and make a little adjustment, the match is over. The most common problem with finishing a choke is contact with the neck. Yes, it really does work to choke the neck!

There are plenty more where these came from. But don’t underestimate them, just give it a try. Obvious answers work really well.