2pm Women’s Only Fundamentals
3-5pm Gi Class

5:30-6:30 Kids Class (12 & Under)


10-12 noon Adult Gi Class

6pm Women’s Only Class

7-9pm Nogi Class

10-12 noon Adult Gi Class
5pm Kids Class (12 &Under)

6pm Teens Class (16 & Under)
7-9pm Nogi Class

10-12 noon Adult Nogi Class

6-7pm Teen Nogi Class (16 & Under)
7-9pm Gi Fundamentals

10-12 noon Adult Gi Class
5pm Kids Class (12 & Under)

6pm Teens Clas (16 & Under)
7-9pm Adult Gi Class

8-10am Open Mat

*Open mat is welcome to all gyms*
*All experience levels welcome in all classes*

The first class is always free!

Also available for private lessons by appointment:

-develop specific game plans
-work out problems with existing game
-ask for specific additions to your game
-detailed review of video from competition/MMA
-can take new video to analyze tendencies

Private Lessons: $100/hr.

Seminars must be booked at least 1 month in advance.

Drop in fee $10

Monthly Membership $100 All Adult/ Teen/Kids

$50 Women’s only classes

Family plans available!


For more information
Call Josh: 816-520-1764