Kids BJJ Classes

Everyone who trains says they wish they had started earlier.

The kids program gives people a chance to say they’ve been training… since they were kids. We don’t use many games to trick them into training. Everyone trains because they actually like it. No contracts or hidden costs. Sign your child up, get a gi, and that’s it. Competition is encouraged, but optional. Every day consists of no nonsense exercises modeled after the adult classes. Fifteen to twenty minutes of warm ups, followed by thirty minutes of instruction and drilling, then fifteen minutes of full resistance training. Because of the nature of our training, an adult who trains watches every pair of kids during the full resistance portion of training for both safety and guidance. Kids learn how to be gracious in both victory and failure in a one on one setting.

Good sportsmanship is where communication and sincerity meet.

We are proud to have adults who lead by example.

Unlike other sports that end with the completion of high school or college, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is a lifelong pursuit where you never stop learning. Parents are encouraged (not required) to train if able. In the long term, students will be comfortable communicating with adults in an assertive yet respectful manner.

When Dad shows you how it’s done, it means more than when he tells you.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu provides a template for future success.

The difference between winning and losing is in the details. With time and practice, everyone learns to stay calm and decide what direction to take. Situational awareness, self esteem, and positive interaction with others are all natural byproducts of good training.

This guy knows he’s close, but is aware and willing to take advice.

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