Jiu Jitsu People Are Exceptional

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What makes a group exceptional?

I purposely spend the majority of my time around Jiu Jitsu people. My reason for this is simple. They are a constant source of positive energy. What about them is so different from average?

New faces are always welcome.

In most environments, people are drawn to similarities. Because of social media, we are aware of many types of divides. First political, then generational, and class differences are highly visible.

When you come to a Bjj school, being unique is good. We are here to experience and solve new problems. So, more diversity makes us better. Also, everyone understands that we improve each other to develop ourselves.

You don’t need to be pretty to be appreciated.

Jiu Jitsu people can deal with failure.

Absolutely nobody begins an expert. Competitive nature is embedded in any decent school. Everyone who trains deals with six months of constant failure, minimum. After a while, we find ways to make small victories happen while drowning in losses. These victories add up with time. Getting better is possible for anyone. But only the exceptional stick it out.


We work to find balance.

Almost everyone has kids, a job, and a delicately balanced home life. When you add training to this, it sounds chaotic at first. Jiu Jitsu people not only find a way to train, but improve the other elements of their life because of this balance. Where one individual makes excuses about time, another schedules carefully and adds value to that time.

Most importantly, Jiu Jitsu people lead by example.

In most other sports, a coach can teach without participating. BJJ instructors continue training unless they’re seriously injured. Many schools have instructors that still enjoy competing. Parents often sign up with their children. This gives an opportunity to show their kids that it’s ok to learn. Mom and Dad don’t know everything, but are capable of learning anything. Teaching students and children that we will stop learning someday sends the wrong message. We are always putting effort into something. If our effort doesn’t go towards improvement, where does it go?