Josh Littleton

Black Belt under Jason Bircher and

Renato Tavares

My introduction to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu came about when a friend invited me to train MMA with him in 2006. Having wrestled and boxed before, Jiu Jitsu sounded like something I could skip. Very quickly, I learned that BJJ would bring me the most efficient results for the environment I was in. I used this fascinating new skill to win three fights before deciding that was enough MMA for me.

After that, I committed to being a part of the KCBJJ competition machine. Jason and Renato both displayed the importance of detail and leading by example. I was lucky to move up the ranks with some of the best in the city. Along the way, I picked up wins at local, regional, and eventually the big tournaments. Some of the highlights were IBJJF gold medals from Chicago, Dallas, and the Master Worlds.

Now, I’ve been teaching full time since 2014. I am dedicated to bringing the highest quality Brazilian Jiu Jitsu to the community, while continuing to pursue my own competitive goals.