What is a “Good” Training Partner?

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Being a good training part is crucial to get the most out of your time at the gym.

I did not say finding a good training partner. I said be a good training partner. If you are a good training partner, other good training partners will seek you out. You will progress faster, and enjoy your time training. So, what does a good training partner do?

Enjoy yourself.

You are here to get a little better than you were before. This is a time to learn, drill, test ideas, and make mistakes that you can learn from. If you are too serious, you alone will have a problem. Every day is not going to be the perfect day, but you can ride out the rough days by accepting that everyone is here by choice- because we enjoy it. Have fun!

Be good at drilling.

Attention span is a developable skill. If you want to be good at anything, repetition is the way. We have a limited amount of time to drill, and making the most of it will benefit you and your training partner. Maybe you doubt that you will use the week’s technique. You can find a purpose for the movement, timing, or some concept in the session. Trust that it will pay off, and look at the details.

Understand longevity.

You will only develop a skill if you last. Nobody calls themselves an expert after two years. Train in a way that you and your training partner can last ten years or more. This is both in drilling and live rolling. We do need to keep a balance on this. When we are rolling, we should be able to go at full resistance without either party getting hurt. This is a skill that must be developed.

Produce a serious problem.

Everyone cannot be the best in the room. But you can always maximize your existing abilities. If you are new, look for patterns to recognize. Ask everyone what you can do to challenge them. You don’t have to win to make the roll competitive. Eventually, you will find yourself attacking. If you’re on the winning side, produce a predictable pattern. Don’t go too easy, trust your training partner to get better. You will get a feel for how much people can handle with practice.