Do you teach MMA?

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The answer is both yes and no.

I get asked about MMA a lot. There are two basic groups who ask. The first is the regular student, who has a job that would frown on the black eyes and constant injury associated with fighting. On the other hand, we have a growing number that wants to fight. Both are welcome, and each can benefit the other.

If you would never try MMA:

Relax, you are in the majority. People who train BJJ are also interested in self defense, fitness, competition, or just doing something fun. Fighters can be fun training partners, and offer unique insight from a slightly different set of concerns. We can learn from the fighters by understanding their needs. Control from top positions is much more important in high intensity situations. Space and angle from the bottom positions is also different when punches are an additional problem. Our diverse group welcomes and works with everyone, it keeps things interesting.

If you want to fight in MMA:

We can talk about exactly what you would like to accomplish. I have helped many very good fighters, both amateur and pro. However, I am not here to run a large scale MMA gym. Your benefit is that I will talk straight with you about what it takes to get where you are going. We can evaluate where your skills are, and work towards your goals as a team.

Please be a part of the team. Low level fighters often talk about needing ‘bodies’ and/or ┬áthe enjoyment of hurting people. People with this attitude are NOT welcome to train. You can benefit from getting along with people as well. Because promoters want to sell tickets, and we all need training partners. Also, there is no sparring during class. We have plenty to work on without added distractions. You can schedule sparring with qualified oversight at specific times.