Understand the Hierarchy of Details

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Beginning -> Process -> Result Nearly everything we do follows this chain. In BJJ, we study positions and transitions between them. When we learn something, a flood of details is downloaded on us. How do we keep track of these details? Try this approach. Cluster details according to order and hierarchy. The beginning. Every technique […]

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Vocabulary 1: Positions

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What do all these terms mean? I often have new practitioners ask about our terminology in class. In addition to new movements, ideas, goals, and fears; a multitude of new terms comes at us in rapid succession. Today, we are looking at the positions. You may find yourself on either side of every position. Everyone […]

When, How, and Why to Use Strength

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When we are training, there are a limited number of approaches to strength we can adopt. The first is following our instincts to use all of our strength. Everyone knows that BJJ gives us the tools to deal with someone who is bigger, stronger, faster, etc. A beginner who doesn’t know anything will often dive […]

Solving Problems with Obvious Answers

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Why say something obvious? When we’re competing against a tough opponent, less can be more. Due to the complex nature of BJJ, we often overlook the best answers because they seem too easy. Over time, they can become important tools to apply to several different types of puzzles. These are a few of my favorite […]

Longevity in Bjj

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As the new year progresses, it’s fun to see new people trying and enjoying Brazilian Jiujitsu. Getting through the first few months can be difficult. Instead of rattling off the reasons people quit, a few tips can help us to bypass these problems. #1 Put training into a consistent schedule. It’s very common to get […]

Grip Strength in BJJ

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As a former wrestler, the discovery of gi grips in Bjj was like being a kid with a cardboard box. The possibilities were endless! Handles, pulleys, levers, tie downs all amplified what I thought I knew. While the beauty and complexity of the game was unfolding before my eyes, I noticed that my forearms felt […]

Finding the Flow

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One of the hardest parts of Jiu Jitsu, for me, has been maintaining a flow;¬†setting¬†the pace of a roll, with a partner that is going 100%. We have all been there, and for those who train consistently, we know very well that using 100% muscle is not sustainable in the long term. Besides the sustainability […]