What does it take to get to purple belt?

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Purple belt is the first elite belt. Every instructor has different standards, but nobody worth his salt just hands out a purple belt. I can only speak for myself on this matter, so here is what I look for. You have discovered your training pattern. By this time, you have established that you will probably […]

How to Crosstrain

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Cross training is good! I encourage everyone¬†to visit other gyms. We all benefit from the sharing of information, and grow a sense of community. When we do this, a few things are important to keep in mind. Call or message before your first visit, and be clean. Most places are cool, some are not. A […]

Understand the Hierarchy of Details

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Beginning -> Process -> Result Nearly everything we do follows this chain. In BJJ, we study positions and transitions between them. When we learn something, a flood of details is downloaded on us. How do we keep track of these details? Try this approach. Cluster details according to order and hierarchy. The beginning. Every technique […]

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Vocabulary 1: Positions

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What do all these terms mean? I often have new practitioners ask about our terminology in class. In addition to new movements, ideas, goals, and fears; a multitude of new terms comes at us in rapid succession. Today, we are looking at the positions. You may find yourself on either side of every position. Everyone […]

When, How, and Why to Use Strength

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When we are training, there are a limited number of approaches to strength we can adopt. The first is following our instincts to use all of our strength. Everyone knows that BJJ gives us the tools to deal with someone who is bigger, stronger, faster, etc. A beginner who doesn’t know anything will often dive […]

What Does Blue Belt Mean?

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The first adult promotion in BJJ. All promotions take a long time, and understanding the requirements can be confusing. People often question if I have a curriculum to follow, or what to do next. While nobody encourages belt chasing, having a clear direction makes the journey more enjoyable. Every black belt promotes a little bit […]