Adult BJJ Program

Our adult program is the centerpiece of the school.

All of the other programs are geared towards eventually being comfortable participating in these classes. Each class begins with a fifteen minute warmup, forty five minutes of instruction and drilling- covering not more than three techniques with careful attention to detail. Then, an hour of full resistance training where you are free to decide who you train with, and how much you can handle. We have a balance of three types of people in this class. Each type is important for different reasons.


Competition is our best way of knowing that what we do works under pressure. While everyone is not required to compete, everyone is encouraged to try it at least once. A good competitor needs to train more than everyone else, and benefits the most from making his/her training partners better. We have mostly tournament competitors, and a few MMA fighters. These are the perfect people to ask about what works under pressure.


Regular people.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is cool. We want everyone to have a genuine interest and curiosity about it. Not everyone wants to or has the time to compete, and that’s ok. Many people train to get/stay in shape while doing something legitimately cool. Having plenty of regular people is important, because having fun training is of equal importance as being effective.

Some people need self defense.

No good instructor encourages anyone to be paranoid about the need for self defense. However, what we do is effective for self defense if necessary. Certain jobs require handling fully resisting people on occasion, and consistent training is the best way to be safe and effective.

Everyone comes from a different place, and benefits from the combined efforts and collaboration of the whole.

There is no single type of person who trains Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Fringe elements from every walk of life come together and add depth to the art. If you have an open mind and the ability to last, your unique outlook can be an important contribution to the team.